National Football League Former Player Phillip Adam Commits Suicide

Philip Adams was a national football league player who commits suicide after killing five people. Philip Adams was an American footballer who played many football matches for South Carolina and was also entered in the 7th round of the national football league. According to reports, Philip Adams commit suicide after killing five people by shooting them in South Carolina.

According to Sources:

According to the Herald of Rock Hill, unnamed origins reported that Philip Adams killed five members after which he commits suicide. He killed Dr. Robert whose age was 70, he murdered his wife named Barbara who was 69, killed his grandchildren whose names were Adam and Noah and who were 9 and 5 years old and he killed James Lewis whose age was 38. The doctor and his wife were dead at the moment and the Lewis who was working in the house was found killed outside However, the question is why Philip Adam killed them and then commit suicide. 

According to The Herald:

The Herald described the whole situation and reported that police followed Philips to a house near the shooting location, where law administration officials informed police that Philips Adam is assumed to have killed himself when the police were surrounded in front of him. According to the associated press, doctors were treating Philip Adams in the hospital before firing. The Herald further reported that the working man in the house of Robert Lesslie was also admitted to the hospital after getting severe wounds and injuries.

Statement of the Adam’s Father:

After this whole tragedy, Adam’s father talked to the TV station by saying that the only reason behind this incident is the difficulties that arise for his son in football. He informed that he faced a lot of struggling and difficulties in football.

The career of the Philip Adams:

Philip Adams start playing for the National football league in which he played a lot of football matches he took part in both football and basketball when he was in high school at Rock Hill, afterwards he arrived in South Carolina where he played a lot of matches. Adams played a total of 78 games in his career in the national football league and reported 128 gears, 5 determents, 2 fluff recoveries, and 1 enforced fluff with the nationalists of New Zealand, New York Jets, Falcons, and many more. He played his last match against the Falcons in 2015. 

National Football League Spokesman Statement:

The spokesman of the national football league said in a statement that he is in pain after the whole tragedy and feeling sad for all those people who are killed, he further said that our sympathies are with the family and friends of the victims of this heartbreaking tragedy.

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