Prince Harry And Prince William Pay Tribute to Their Grandfather Prince Philip

Prince Philip was a member of the Royal family and the partner of Queen Elizabeth II. Prince Philip was born in Danish and Greek monarchic families. Prince Philip was born in Greece however when he was eighteen months old his family was separated. Prince Philip died on 9th April at the age of 99 and Prince Harry and Prince William pay tribute to grandfather. The reports of the death of Prince Philip came from the palace when the queen expressed deep sorrow for his death when she announced the death of her husband. Many of the people and the renowned personalities had shown the thoughts of deepest grieve on his death.

Boris Johnson in a statement said that Philip was inspired by many lives of the young people by his work. The royal palace joined with many of the people at the time of his death.

People Also Pay Tribute to Prince Philip:

Many of the people also pay tribute to Prince Philip by leaving flowers for him by placing floral tributes outside the royal residences to pay tribute to him however, many of the people also visited Windsor Castle to pay tribute to him. However, the government asked people not to visit outside the residency due to the corona virus recent situation in the country, on the other hand, the royal family asked people to give donations as a charity rather than giving flowers in memory of Prince Philip.

Prince Harry and Prince William Statements for Prince Philip:

Prince William and Prince Harry pay tribute to Prince Philip in separate statements they both have mentioned remarkable words for their grandfather. Prince William described his grandfather that he was an astonishing man. On the other hand, Prince Harry reached the United Kingdom to attend the funeral of his grandfather and said that his grandfather was a man of honor, assistance, and humor he also said that Prince Philip was the legend of the banter. Prince William said that he will miss his grandfather. He said that his life was served for his country and his family he was a great example for me as he guides me throughout my life and helped me to become a good man.

Prince William said that he and his wife are lucky to have such a great grandfather who helped them in every field of their life and shows such kindness and affection towards them. Both have paid a tremendous tribute to Prince Philip and also did a silence for him.

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