A dream is a series of pictures, motions, stories and sensations that are involuntarily created by your minds during sleep. It evokes lifelike images within our minds. It can bring different kinds of emotions to someone making that person feel happy, sad, or even scared.

We all might have experienced a time in our lives where we can’t delete a vision, which is a result of a dream. “Sonhar com cachorro” (dreams about dogs) is a perfect example of it.

In our life time, we all have experienced various dreams which are not fully understood or acknowledged sine we forget almost all the dreams soon after waking up and even if we do remember some parts of your dreams, they are quite confusing to understand and some believe them to be a source of some message which their subconscious mind is trying to convey, while others consider it as a message from God. This topic has also been a center of attention for a lot of physiologist, philosophers, scientists and religious peoples for centuries.


Sonhar com cachorro defines as dreaming about dogs. As the famous phrase quotes: A dog is a man’s best friend, dogs are the symbols of loyalty, kindness and defense etc. Though, dreaming about dogs is not necessarily a good omen, it can also be bad or can be giving some warning signs to someone. Here are the following signs related to dreaming of dogs.


There are the following good signs related to dreaming about your dog.

1. Playing with your Own Dog

If you dream about playing with your own dog, it means that you will meet someone in your life in near future and you both will become very best friends.

2. A Dog Is Being Fed

If you see a dog is being fed in your dream, it means that you will nurture your own talents and you will become more independent and determined, not relying on others anymore but you should pay more attention to your friends or people around you.

3. A Dog Is Barking Happily

If you dream about a dog braking very happily. It means that you will be involved in large social gatherings with great pleasures and joys in near future. Maybe you will become a member of such a group that you have always wished.

4. Bathing A Dog

Dreaming about bathing a dog indicates that you have a nutritious personality like being sincerely generous and loyal to everyone.

5. Your Hand Is Licked By A Dog

If you dream about a dog licking you are hands, it indicates that you have really worth praising friends and you will soon find a great job or a good promotion at your job and advices you not to get involved in other people’s life matters and avoid unnecessary misunderstandings in your life.

6. A Dog At Your Door

If you see a dog sitting or standing at your door, it means that you will soon meet someone who is praised a lot and respected by you which will be indeed delightfully amusing to you.

7. A Friendly Dog

Dreaming a dog which is really friendly to you indicates all the people around you are truthful and loyal to you and you are the happiest and luckiest person to be surrounded by those people who think positively of you and admire you. Your friends will always help you solve every problem in your life in efficient ways.

8. A Large Dog

If you see a large dog, it means you will reach a social success in near future.

9. A Watch Dog Or Guide Dog

If you dream about a watch dog or guide dog, it indicates that you will meet a lot of opportunities in professional sector like finding an excellent job in your life.

10. Dog Looks Threatening

If you see a threatening dog in your dream, don’t forget good time always come in right time.


There are the following bad signs of dreaming about dog.

1. A Dog Is Coming To You

If you dream about a dog walking towards you, it indicates that some mishaps will happen in your life and it will not be easy for you to face every one of them.

2. Playing With Many Dogs At The Same Time

If you are dreaming about playing with a lot of dogs at the same time, it indicates that you are quite thrifty which will make you selfish eventually towards other people.

3. Dog Is Biting Someone

Dreaming about a dog biting someone else, means that you are on the verge of a lot of chaos and conflicts or you haven’t still realized the absence of great understanding with your love life partner or some colleague working with you in the office.

4. A Dog Is Biting U

If you dream about a dog is biting you, you will meet a lot of losses in your life very soon and you will face series of challenges in your life.

5. A Dog Biting On The Leg

If you see a dog biting your leg, it indicates that you will lose something important in your life that controls the balance of your life and you will eventually give up to reach your goals, in short hesitating a lot facing a new challenge.

6. A Dog Is Biting On Your Hand

Dreaming about your hand being bitten by a dog, means someone in  your friend circle is being disloyal and not sincere with you.

7. Can’t Get Rid Of A Dog

If you dream about a dog that won’t leave you and keeps chasing you, it means that you will receive the worst news of your life or face a very unpleasant and sad event in the near future. You will face some obstacles and difficulties that will require a lot of your physical strength and mentality to control those obstacles.

8. Dog Is Barking

Dreaming about a dog barking indicates that you have not been in a really good mood lately and annoying people around you. With your moody behaviour, you might have a bossy nature and always shout at others around you or some friend of yours are continuously grumbling about you.

9. Your Own Dog Barking At You

If you dream about a dog barking at you, it means that the people around you are jealous of you being rich and having a high social status.

10. Buying A Dog

Dreaming about buying a dog, indicates that your bad behavior of buying friendships and facilities that you personally know.

11. A Dog Is Guiding You

If you see yourself being guided by a dog in a dream, it means that you won’t be able to overcome a great difficulty very soon.

12. Running Over A Dog

If you dream about running over a dog, it indicates that you don’t fully trust your friend’s intentions that he is really trying to do something good, since you must have felt somewhere that your friend has betrayed you or didn’t help you when in need.

13. A Dog Chasing Its Tail

Dreaming about a dog chasing its own tail means that you may have not done a work efficiently, wasting your efforts and time on other small matters which are not even important.

14. A Dog Is Howling

If you dream about a dog howling, that indicates someone very close to you will be separated from you forever or someone is going to leave the world very soon.

15. A Black Dog

If you see a black dog in your dreams, it means that it is the shadow of your friend or his dark side which is not revealed to you yet. It all depends on you, how you are going to face the situation when his other side is revealed. Since black color associates with death, betrayal, and darkness, so mostly the things which are in black brings bad luck and it also means either your friend is deceiving you or is trying to cheat you.

16. Dog Belonging To Other Person

If you dream about a dog belonging to some other person, it shows that someone you know will ask you to help him in matters related to his relations.

17. Small Dog

If you dream about a dog which is really small, it means that you have to withstand all the circumstances to reach your highest goal which you will be able to achieve soon.

18. Hunting Dogs

Dreaming about a hunting dog, implies that you have to wait patiently for some good news or bad news in your family.

19. Dogs Are Fighting

If you see dogs fighting with each other in your dream, it is advised to postpone any business related stuff or meetings for some days.

20. Dog Is Being Attacked By Some Other Animal Or Person

If you dream about a dog being attacked by some other animal or a person, it is advised to take really great care of health since unfortunate mild illness may occur soon.

In short, these are all the good and bad omens related to dreaming about a dog and its effects on your life. Something really important might be shown to you through your dreams. It all depends on you that how you will handle all those circumstances.

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