Whenever we start talking about something, the very first thing that comes into our mind is its introduction. So, let’s commence with the introduction of aviation.


Aviation is a word derived from the Latin language in which avis means a bird that ends with the suffix of tion. It’s to create an interrelation between the bird and the aircraft because both fly in the sky. 

Operations and Designations involved:

The aviation industry deals with designing, producing, and operating Aircraft. It’s not only limited to Aircraft operations, but also includes tasks related to airport management, navigation, route planning, safety measures, crew planning and management, and so on.

Types of Aircrafts:

 The aircraft that are normally used in this field are:

  • Heavier than air aircraft, Fixed-wing aircraft.
  • Military aircraft.
  • Ultra-light.
  • Light-weighted aircraft.

Now I would like to add a little bit of information about each of the aircraft’s name I have used above.

Heavier than air aircraft:

This type of aircraft works on the motion’s third law stating, that action is accompanied by the same but reverse reaction. So these aircraft find a way to release gas or something else that helps them push themselves forward.

Fixed-wing aircraft:

They’re almost the same as heavier than air aircraft. The air gently flows over the wings of the aircraft and produces a lift that helps the aircraft to move forward.

Currently, two types of aircraft are used with upgraded models.

Narrow-body aircraft are used for carrying passengers with minimum baggage in bulk from one point to another.

Widebody aircraft are used for carrying passengers and cargo in containers and pallet sheets because of its large-sized belly.

Military Aircraft:

Each country has a separate department for its defence, and own some special kind of aircraft for this purpose. These aircraft are known as Military for the performance of military operations.


These are light weighted aircraft, currently used in the USA. These are less expensive and people can easily buy them for conducting solo flights. It requires a certification from the state’s civil aviation authority and you’re eligible to fly this aircraft.

Light-weighted aircraft:

This aircraft conduct short-haul flights from point to point. They are mostly used by business organizations to carry their employees from one place to another. This process is also called chartered flight.

Although the aircraft are discussed above have less use than their actual importance and the world’s dependency upon them due to their value in our life, and without them, life would become incomplete.

Degree in Aviation Management:

It’s a 4-year degree program. Aviation management is providing opportunities for students who are finding their careers in the aviation industry. This degree includes a vast range of subjects related to Aviation Management, Airline Management, Airline Marketing, Airport planning and Designing, Airport Marketing, Aircraft operations, Aircraft engines, Navigation and Route Planning, Human resource management, Leadership Skills, and so on.

 Jobs of Airport Management, Piloting, and their Earning:

So, it includes the subjects related to Airport management and its operations as well as the Piloting side. After the completion of this program, you will become eligible to apply for a Management side job, or you can further pursue your career for Master’s and CPL (Commercial Pilot license).

You can become a part of the ICAO (International civil aviation authority) that makes regulations for safe and sound aviation operations, compulsory to be followed by each member country. IATA (International air transportation authority) that works under ICAO and deals with the transportation side, FAA (Federal aviation authority) that implements the regulations in the United States of America specifically.

So, if you’re passionate about this, then join it. There are unlimited jobs that you can get most probably in European countries as there are only a few Asian countries with an enhanced aviation background. All others are just struggling to make their benchmarks through their services.

The average monthly salary of airport management in Pakistan starts from PKR 40,491 and continues to increase by the assigned designations and experience.

Commercial Piloting and its Earning:

CPL is a license that you get after flying for about 200hrs on a small aircraft and clearing some ground exams. Once you get this license, you’re eligible to work as a pilot or as a flying instructor. A Pilot can earn about 1-1.2 crores a year.


It is a field linked to transportation purpose, and with the growth in the population of the world and upgraded technology, everyone nowadays tries to travel by air. It’s less hectic, comfortable, secure, and efficient as compared to other transportations.

So, to deal with a large number of customers, big management is required to perform the daily routine tasks to generate revenue. It’s a vast field, and I’d like to add a never-ending one too. In the current era in which, everyone tries to ease themselves by travelling through the air as it is one of the fastest methods which saves time so people will never stop approaching towards their nearest airports.

So, if someone wants to be a part of this evergreen industry, he/she should be having an excellent qualification in whichever subjects they want to. Through this industry, our young generation can learn a lot that will help them flourish in their careers and enhance their skills and knowledge.

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