Hate crimes against Asians have been taking place for quite some time. The surge in hate crimes against Asian descent seems never-ending.

A Surge In Anti-Asian Hate Crimes:

According to police sources, an increase in crimes against Asians has been seen as compared to 2020.

Cause Of Surge In Anti-Asian Hate Crimes:

The increase in anti-Asian hate crimes are mostly provoked by the race of the victims and many other crimes against Asians are also a result of COVID-19, pandemic racism. In recent months, there have been almost thousands of reported cases, and these involve being verbally abused and spat on to incidents of physical attacks.

There are incidents involving the death of an elderly Thai immigrant after being shoved to the ground, a Chinese woman being set on fire after being slapped, and a Filipino-American being slit in the face with a box cutter. These are just a few cases of recent crimes against Asian Americans, indicating a rise in assaults since the start of the pandemic a year ago.

Advocates and activists are of the view that the surge in are Asian hate crimes is a result of people blaming Asians for the spread of Covid-19.

Events Related To Anti-Asian Hate Crime:

List of reported incidents related to Asian Hate includes:

  • It was reported in New York Times that in New York City, Asian American restaurant employees always have to go home early in the fear of harassment and violence.
  • There was a reported case of an 84-year-old Thai immigrant in San Francisco, California, who died last month as a result of being brutally pushed to the ground during his morning stroll.
  • Another incident involves a 91-year-old being forcefully pushed to the roadside from behind, in Oakland, California.
  • An incident took place in Brooklyn, New York involving an 89-year-old Chinese woman being set on fire, after being slapped by two people.
  • Another incident happened in the New York subway where a stranger slashed the face of a 61-year-old Filipino-American passenger with a box cutter.
  • Another incident took place in California, in Sacramento, an Asian American butcher shop owner found a dead cat was left in the store’s parking lot which was likely intended for her and police are handling the case as a hate crime.
  • There was another incident in Carmel, California involving an Asian American family celebrating a birthday at a restaurant being berated by a Trump-supporting tech executive, with racist insults.
  • Several Asian American homeowners say they’ve been abused with racial slurs and had rocks thrown at their houses.
  • It was reported that the only Asian American lawmaker in the Kansas legislature was physically intimidated by a regular customer in a bar who blamed him for causing the coronavirus.
  • Another event took place in New York where police arrested a man for assaulting a woman during the protest against anti-Asian racism.
  • Another heart-wrenching event took place where a grieving family was sent a hateful letter on the day of their father’s funeral, the letter stated as to pack their bags and go back to their country where they belong.
  • An incident also occurred in Portland, Oregon where a Vietnamese school board candidate found an offensive note on her doorway with the words “Kung Flu” written on it.
  • Another reported incident took place in Los Gatos, California where a Filipino medical worker was pushed to the ground from behind by the attacker who cursed her and asked her to go back to China.

Initiative To Combat Anti-Asian Hate Crimes:

Advocates of Asian Americans claim that the violence seems to be linked with the rising anti-Asian sentiment in the US. Law enforcement agencies are trying their best to better protect Asian communities against anti-Asian hate crimes, because of its rise since lockdown across the U.S.

NYPD has announced a new initiative against anti-Asian hate crimes in New York City. The NYPD’s new initiative for tackling the surge in hate crimes against the Asian community will aim at the outreach and layers of enforcement. Following several incidents of anti-Asian hate crimes, L.A. County leaders have also launched an initiative to fight against it.

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