In our lifetime, we all have experienced various dreams which we don’t fully understand or acknowledge since we forget almost all the dreams soon after waking up, and even if we do remember some parts of our dreams, they are quite confusing to understand and some believe them to be a source of some message from their subconscious mind or a message from God.

“Sonhar Com Menino” means to dream about a little boy. Dreaming about random people is usual, thus dreaming about a boy you know or you don’t know is not anything new but perhaps, it is trying to deliver you a message. This message can be a good one or a bad one depending on how the little boy will show up in your dreams.

1. A Boy

If you dream about a boy who seems familiar, it means that you are throwing those little happy moments and joys out of your life which you once treasured and now, you are completely ignorant of them. You are losing the kid in you. Entering adulthood does mean a lot of responsibilities but it does not mean to forget the little child in your heart. Be a kid once in a while, it will be highly appreciated.

2. Unknown Boy

Dreaming about an unknown boy indicates that you are going to solve a difficult problem very soon which could not be solved for such a long time. It is trying to convey that this time you must solve the problem with different statistics. For that, it is compulsory that you should be open-minded in order to understand a variety of solutions.

3. Boy Crying

If you see a boy crying in your dream, it is conveying that you are someone who needs attention and you are sad because your family and friends don’t pay heed to you. Try to speak out your feelings to them and tell them that they need to show more affection towards you. However, it can also be a warning that you should be a more independent person and ignore how people think about you.

4. An Injured Boy

If you dream about an injured boy, it indicates that you are worn out, and the burden of life is crushing you to the point where your mind and body finally ask for a break. To become successful is important but taking care of mental and physical health is also necessary. Try to rest as much as you can. A few holidays will also do some trick or a short trip can also be a game-changer.

5. Lost Boy

Dreaming about a lost boy shows that you have got lost in the journey of your life. It is common for people to be on the verge of chaos when they are uncertain about the decisions they make in their lives. If you feel like you cannot carry on with your current profession anymore and it’s overwhelming you, then it’s better for you to set up a new journey again and it’s never late for that. Since you will be on a new path you will have to once again battle the new challenges but it will be all worth it if you have worked hard for it.

6. Boy Playing

If you see a boy playing in your dream, it means that you are not paying attention to something that needs awareness from you. It might be in your love life or your work, you need to be concerned when it is about sensitive topics.

7. Skinny Boy

Dreaming about a skinny boy conveys that you will go through a difficult time in your life. Be thriftier, save some savings, and pay heed to your personal life.

8. Fat Boy

Dreaming about a fat boy shows that everything will get better in your life, but it will surely require loads of hard work, dedication, and responsibility. Learn all the mistakes you have done in the past so that you don’t do them again.

9. Boy Smiling

If you dream about a smiling boy, it, unfortunately, gives you a bad omen. It means that you need to be cautious of the people around you who smile at you. Don’t trust those smiles as they are known as fake smiles. Be more alert and accept the fact that only your own smile is truest for you.

10. Getting Help From A Boy

If you are getting help from a boy in your dream, it is an indication that it will evoke your inner desire to achieve something you have desired. And you will be able to reach your goal eventually.

In a nutshell, dreaming about a little boy can be good omens and bad omens. After all, they are direct messages for you telling you that you need to pay attention to your own personal life, love life, family life, and professional life. As life will get better eventually.

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