In our lifetime, we all have experienced various dreams which are not fully understood or acknowledged since we forget almost all the dreams soon after waking up, and even if we remember some of our dreams, they are difficult to be understood.  It is also believed that these dreams maybe a message which our subconscious mind wants us to notice, while some believes them as a message from God.

“Sonhar Com Chuva” involves dreaming about rain. They can symbolize good omens or bad omens; they all solely depend on you with how you are going to deal with the situations. Or they can be warning signs trying to tell you what to do to prevent mishaps in your life. Here are the following signs mentioned below:

1. Rainwater

If you dream about rainwater, it means that you should not be entranced by your emotions which seem uncertain whether they are in a relationship or you are going to meet someone at the moment. Be careful with falsification and disloyalty.

2. Drip

Dreaming about drip indicates that you should analyze your point of view and don’t be egocentric or selfish. Seek positivity in people around you and try to be more compassionate.

3. Fine Rain

If you dream about fine rain, it is trying to advise you to review your daily routine and recall what is bothering you. It also symbolizes melancholy and your dissatisfaction with everything in your life. The stress of family, finances, and studies destroys your calm and patience.

4. Thick Rain

Dreaming about thick rain means you need to pay more heed to your financial field since it is giving a warning that there will be chances of great loss. Thus, think carefully before starting the project and finish them elegantly. It is also a sign of there will be new changes and phases in your life.

5. Heavy Rain

If you dream about heavy rain, it indicates complete silence. Don’t argue with your family or roommates and try to understand them more. Sad and worst times will enter into your life but you should be strong enough and ready to overcome these obstacles.

6. Rain And Wind At Night

Dreaming about rain and wind at night is giving you the warning to look closely at people around you. If you face a problem, talk about it with your family and friends. Nobody merely gets everything by himself and should be confident enough to ask for help from others.

7. Rain Indoors

Yes, if you have dreamt about raining indoors, it may sound weird but it is showing you a sign that you should get rid of people who think bad about you. Put yourself above everything and take care of yourself and love yourself.

8. Hailstorm

Dreaming about hailstorms indicates that you don’t have to run away from difficult situations because you are bold enough to face them. Don’t isolate yourself just because you are feeling inferior to others.

9. Umbrella

If you see an umbrella in your dream, it symbolizes good luck. You will gain promotions in the financial field. You should take all the opportunities that come into your life and take your time to finish them, if you have already done them, wait for great results. It is also a sign of a super positive and new phase in your personal life. If you have feelings for someone, that person will eventually return your feelings. If you have an unhealthy relationship, don’t worry it will get better sooner or later.

10. Flood

If you dream about the flood, it means that u should be prepared to face financial and family matters that will occur in your life very soon, be careful about your words and your attitudes to others. If you see a flood gradually stopping in your dream, it means that your difficult phases will pass over time.

11. Windstorm

Dreaming about windstorm indicates that you should look out for people whom you call friends and they only want to see your failures. It is a warning sign about people around you and how bad they are and how bad they can be.

12. Rain Shower

If you dream about rain shower, it is showing you a sign that you need to progress more in your life, live your life with pleasure and satisfaction, make new friends and experience new moments and be happy.

13. A Lot Of Rain

Dreaming about a lot of rain indicates that you will most likely face an obstacle sooner but you will pass it eventually and will get a good promotion in your job.

14. Storm Rain

If you dream about storm rain, it is signifying that whatever the decision you are going to make, you have to think about it thoroughly so you are sure that, it will give you a positive result. It is perhaps the dream about your financial life, just don’t make any foolish decision which can cause losses in your financial field.

15. Mud And Rain

Dreaming about mud and rain indicates your dissatisfaction with your own dreams, and wanting to have more and more, might a good thing to notice since you are thinking the best for yourself, but it is also a bad point because your mind will play tricks with you and will stop you to reach your maximum potential. Keep your desires in your mind and know that you will eventually and gradually be able to finish your own race.

All in all, dreaming about rain can be warnings to stay away from troubles, or pieces of advice to be careful in your life, and positive signs about new changes, phases, and transformations in your life. It is only you who can change your own ways of your living and try to live better days.

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