In the present, due to the COVID-19 pandemic, people are feeling disconnected and isolated. We are communicating substantially less with each other when working from home – hence feeling less sure about our role and how to coordinate with other team members. This can result in many of us having different psychological problems and feelings of loneliness. In this situation, Social media serves an important role in bringing us together and maintaining interpersonal relationships to work as a better team. Video games like N.Y.C play a major role in growing bonds among players. These games require players to complete different tasks as a team, giving them a chance to create a better team. In this critical situation, it is more important for us to stay in touch, work together as a team, and support each other to get through this difficult time.


A team symbolizes a group of people working together to reach their objectives. Members of a team are interdependent with respect to knowledge, skills, and information. Therefore, a team exists not only because of a group of people working together, but teamwork also requires respect, trust, and care to form a better team.


To build a team, you first need to bond with each other. There is no “I” in a team. If you want to go fast, you can go alone, but if you are going to go far, you have to go together. So, coming together is just the beginning, and staying together is progress while working together will end up in success.

Team bonding only occurs in a stress-free environment where you can feel comfortable breaking the ice and interacting with each other to build relationships. Taking part in various activities together helps the bond to develop.


Different activities help people to bond and play an important role in creating a better team. Through this opportunity, they get to know each other better. Besides serving as a nice break from daily routine work, various activities also help to different skills.

  • Productivity is improved by encouraging people to work together more effectively and reducing duplication of effort.
  • It increases motivation and confidence in them and their team. It also conveys that a company is willing to invest in their employees.
  • It creates greater collaboration between the members.
  • The key benefit is it helps to improve social skills like communication.

Fun activities allow people to create a better understanding between them by breaking down the walls of mistrust.


Team building activities help to discover the hidden talent of the employees and build a positive company culture. These games encourage creativity and out-of-the-box thinking resulting among office teams taking part in problem-solving and decision making. Sometimes quick games are also enough to spark innovation and teamwork. Here are some ideas for small office games;

  • Solving a puzzle together or brain teasers helps the office team to bond with each other.
  • Sometimes these activities can be work focused like brainstorming sessions.
  • Two truths and one lie, this game is a great way for office members to get to know each other and create better team connection.
  • Pack up your troubles, is an activity that will allow employees to write down their issues at work and brainstorm a solution in different teams.
  • The Scavenger hunt is a great way for employees to get to know each other and the company.
  • ‘Indoor karting team building activities’ a perfect way to improve team connectivity:
    • “K1 Speed” is a nationwide venue for corporate events to increase employee morale and a team connection. This indoor karting game allows friendly competition among co-workers to encourage team loyalty.


A get-together is a fun way to develop a better understanding and a team connection. Outings like picnic and field day is a great approach, especially for large groups, to get to know each other and have culinary group experience. There are plenty of fun activities that you can do outdoors to get everyone entertained like;


  • Human knot activity,’ a disentanglement puzzle, is one of the popular get to know you activities. In this game, a group of people form human knots by holding each other’s hands starting in the shape of a circle. The goal is to untangle themselves without letting go of grasped hands.
  • One of the fun games is the Freeze tap, especially for the kids.
  • Hide and seek is a classic kids game that can go on for hours.
  • Musical chairs is a game that can be enjoyed by all age group.
  • Dodge ball is a team sport to keep everyone entertained.


  • A Treasure hunt is a great field day activity that requires brainstorming.
  • Themed obstacle courses are a great activity for creative people.
  • Spoon race is a great option for field activity.
  • Water balloon toss is a team game perfect for summer events like field day.
  • Tug of war, a sports game where teams pull on the opposite end of a rope. It requires great teamwork among the members.


Social gatherings play an essential role in promoting team building by allowing all age groups to socialize. Let’s take a look at some creative social event ideas that helps create a better team.

  • Segway tour gives you a chance to see your entire team cruising around in helmets.
  • A special food tour allows you to experience unique food attractions as a team.
  • Cultural festivals are a fun way to know more about each other’s culture.
  • Charity events not only raise money for charity but also help people come together to raise awareness for a specific cause.
  • Parties are the most popular social event that gathers all people of different age groups, allowing them to bond with each other.
  • Cook-off allows each other to compete in the form of teams and show off your cooking skills.


Everyone is required to learn problem-solving, as it is important for both personal and professional life. Effective use of problem-solving skills can lead to ultimate success. These games not only help to develop creative and problem-solving skills but also help to create a better team.

  • Team building kits are mystery games that combine fun and bonding with teamwork productivity, where you can get a mix of a movie and an escape room.
  • Board games like chess and stratego allow you to brainstorm and devise strategies in the form of teams to win the game.
  • Puzzles, riddles, and crosswords are a great way to relieve stress and develop knowledge and creativity.
  • Shrinking vessel is a great game for solving adaptability issues within a team and enhance creativity.
  • Escape rooms are a great technique to increase collaboration among team members and develop creative and problem-solving skills.


Resource management game requires players of a team to obtain resources and try to turn them into high-level products and victory points in the most efficient and best possible manner. One of the most popular resource management games is The settlers of Catan, where a group of settlers on an island with various materials is required to build roads, cities, or collect development cards; all of these lead directly or indirectly to victory points.


Here is a list of some activities that help members to have a better understanding of each other and improve team connectivity;

  • Never Have I ever
  • Truth or Dare
  • Two truths and a lie
  • Human knot activity
  • Karting game
  • Jenga
  • What would I do
  • Scavenger hunt


In order to succeed, Kids need to learn the importance of teamwork. Therefore team building activities are an important aspect of kids’ development. Some of the games that will help kids learn the importance of team are;

  • Puzzles
  • Treasure hunt
  • Freeze tap
  • Hide and seek
  • Musical chairs
  • Don’t wake the dragon
  • Sneak a peak
  • Group juggle


  • Helium stick
  • Object memory
  • Arm wrestle
  • Game of possibilities
  • Winner/loser
  • Never have I ever
  • Would you rather


Communication is an essential factor for team building. Here are some fun questions that can help you break the ice and get to know each other better. It helps to grow bonds, enhance interpersonal relationships, and team.

  • If you could be a superhero, what would it be and why?
  • Describe the person to your right in 3 words.
  • What happened on your most memorable day?
  • What is the most interesting thing that you carry with you all the time?
  • If you could swap jobs with a person, who would it be?
  • Who do you admire the most?
  • If you were given power and fame, what would be the first you do?

There can be a bunch of such questions that you can ask to create a fun environment that will allow many people to relieve stress and open up about themselves.


Community building activities are similar to team building activities that help people relax and get comfortable with each other. They break down psychological barriers among people. All most all age groups can participate in these activities. These activities also accelerate the process of creating a team. Following are some more activities that can be known as team or community building activities;

  • Mingle mingle
  • Telephone charades
  • Blanket game
  • Rock paper scissors tag
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