What was the first country to legalize homosexuality (Same Sex Marriage)?

What is marriage?

 A marriage is a legal and cultural contract that results in a union between two individuals as partners in a personal relationship. This contract establishes rights and obligations between them as well as between them and their in-laws. It is more than a physical union, it is also a spiritual and emotional union and a life-long commitment to stay by each other’s side.

This relation changes a person’s living situations and life routines completely. They undergo significant personality changes. Men become more conscious and responsible while women become emotional and introverted. Different countries have different ways for the couple to get married.

In Eastern countries, it is largely seen that the elders of the family have a great influence on the decision of their son or daughter’s marriage, while in Western countries mostly the family have less to no influence over the marriage as that decision solely depends on that individual, whom they want to marry. In some countries like Turkey, it is important to obtain a marriage license or statement from the country’s diplomatic officers to get married.

When did the government get involved in same-sex marriage?

According to the law of nature and the law which has been exercised since many ages, the marriage has always taken place between two people of different sex, they reproduce and make a family. With time, many same-sex couples have been observed in different parts of the World and many same-sex marriages have taken place. Same-sex marriage is a relationship between two people of the same sex, a man marries man and women marry women.

29 countries have legalized same-sex marriages including U.S, Japan, Australia, Malta, Germany, and many other countries. The Netherlands is known as the first country to legalize same sex relationship in 2001. In 2003, being gay was legalized in the US, and later in 2015, same-sex marriage was also legalized. In March 2009, Japan legalized same-sex marriage and allowed the citizens to marry their partners from the countries where same-sex marriage is legal. In 2019, the first

Asian government to legalize marriage equality was Taiwan. Costa Rica, in May 2020, has become the first country in Central America to legalize same-sex marriage. These couples have been given the same rights as a normal couple. They have a right to marry, divorce, and adopt children. These couples have also reported less depression and psychological wellbeing after being married.

The attitude of people towards gays and lesbians:

Although same sex marriages have been legalized by many western countries, still there are many countries including Eastern countries who haven’t recognized this marriage yet. All cultures have their values regarding right and wrong. Religious beliefs are a major factor as many religious preachers consider such activities and relationships a sin. All sorts of homosexual activities and same-sex marriages are banned in Islamic countries.

Many steps have been taken by countries to spot and control this relationship. The public reaction was also very aggressive towards same-sex couples in the past. They have faced discrimination, fear of disclosure, denial from family and society, taunts, jokes, violence, and abuse of every kind from people. According to a recent analysis, 92% of LGTB adults say that society has become more accepting over the last decade while the rest reported that they still experienced continued discrimination, taking various forms.

Still today, they are unsure about the reaction of the people if they expose themselves in public. The people who discouraged same-sex marriage were questioned why they feel this way. The most common reason given by them was that homosexuality conflicts with their religious and moral beliefs.





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