According to the United States India is Trying to Use Force Against Pakistan

Since independence, the tension among both countries Pakistan and India has not resolved yet both countries have a major dispute among them since the partition of the subcontinent when Pakistan got independence with the efforts of great leader Quaid-e-Azam however, it was always believed that Pakistan and India are two separate nations and they can never live together because according to the two-nation theory these two nations both have different ideologies, different history, different culture, different identities, different conditions, different heroes and most importantly both these countries have different epics and religion. 

Kashmir Issue:

Since independence, the issue of Kashmir is the main reason for the conflict among these two major nations and from that time still, the Kashmir issue is unresolved and the neighboring country is using force against Pakistan for a long time ago. Due to the unjust division by Radcliff in the territory, the Kashmiris are still fighting for their freedom. If we take a look at the past then many times these two nations came to the table to talk to resolve the Kashmir issue however the matter remains unresolved each time and India is continuously using force and violence against Kashmiri people by killing millions of Kashmiris and are not even ready to talk about this issue.

People in Kashmir want independence they want to live in Pakistan with freedom and liberty, however, India is not ready to solve this matter on the other hand she is using force against Pakistan. The Kashmir issue is always the main conflict issue between both countries due to which Pakistan and India never came close to each other.

India Probably to Use Exertion Against Pakistan:

According to the United States report, India probably uses force against Pakistan due to the recent circumstances happening around. Narinder Modi is the prime minister of India and in his leadership, India is trying to use the military use of force against Pakistan that was mentioned in the assessment report prepared by the United States director conveyed to Congress on Tuesday. In an introductory note written by the director of the United States the report contributes exacted, liberated, and bare intelligence evaluation legislators, warfighters, and national law administration personnel. While evaluating practicable menaces from South Asia, the description warned that under the government of Minister Modi India will likely use the force against Pakistan. 

Conflict Between India and Pakistan:

The report also further mentioned the heightened tensions between Pakistan and India due to the Kashmir issue. The main reason for conflict between both the nations is the Kashmir issue that is still unresolved. The report also described that the general war between both nations is unlikely to occur, however, due to the Kashmir dispute these both nations are unable to come closer. Moreover, the United States warned that Pakistan and India can go under war for the next coming five years on top of real and discern inducements.

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