Admiral Overseas Corporation Denounce Horrifying, Brutal US Border Circumstances Under President Biden

The conditions of the overseas immigrants are becoming horrible day by day. On Wednesday night the United States representative Alexandria Ocasio denounced the over-crowded circumstances and conditions for emigrants at the United States Mexican boundary under Biden as harsh, horrifying, cruel, unacceptable and ferocious. The United States representative Alexandria also blamed long-term United States foreign strategy with different countries bordering Central America as donating to the ever-lasting dilemma of distressed inhabitants from poor, needy and violence-torn nations flooding the bounds. AOC unburdened on the boundary calamity at the time of a virtual conurbation hallway meeting on the night of Wednesday. Moreover, the US representative Ocasio further added that this will lead to the political failure of both parties and this is a fact.

Details Given by AOC:

Admiral overseas corporation gave a comprehensive analysis on the recent border situation after being cited of giving President Joe Biden a proceed after damaging ex-President Donald Trump’s boundary and immigration strategies. Immigrants are forced to sleep in cages located in different departments. During an interview, the US representative Alexandria Ocasio criticized people who explain the conditions at the border as an efflux of thrusting a white supremacist notion.

United States Representative visits to Immigration Camps:

As the United States representative harshly criticized the conditions of the Border and the situation of the over-crowded immigrants, she had also visited many of the immigration camps in the past history. If we talk about 2019, during the reign of Donald Trump Ocasio had visited several immigration confinements centers and camps in 2019 and also condemned the circumstances under Donald Trump as accumulation camps.  She further added in her interview that the slow advancing and confirmation system at the boundary causes an enormous smash proceeding to barbarous situations that are not right.

Migrant Children:

Migrant children are forced to live in an over-crowded place where they are facing harsh conditions. They are forced to live in congested camps where they have not so many opportunities and not even the common accessories of life their education system is totally destroyed in the little camps, they are getting an education in inconvenient ways.

Joe Biden Immigration Policies:

The United States representative Alexandria Ocasio criticized Donald Trump’s immigration policies she said that the Trump immigration policies were more brutal and harsher than President Joe Biden’s immigration policies. She also added that she will not discuss that now. Alexandria said that Joe Biden can take some good measures for immigrants in fact this is time to take the right steps and measures.

Alexandria Ocasio Blamed the US Policy:

The United States representative Alexandria Ocasio fully blamed the US foreign strategy for donating to the border dilemma. She added that this is not an expropriation. The foreign policy of the United States has contributed to the damaging of these areas where the kids are bolting, she said that we have centuries of interventionist overseas policies that have granted to this issue. She further added that she knows that people don’t want to talk about this however when they want to act on this matter it is like a brand new every moment. When she talks about the current situation on the border, she said that President Joe Biden is trying to solve this problem.  The US representative also added that she is in continuous contact with the President’s management personally. The admiral overseas corporation said that Joe Biden administration must find out all the resources to sought out this problem as soon as possible while on the other hand, Ocasio said that the mass of these moves is going to increase as the deficiency increases.

President Joe Biden Cruel Attack on Immigrants:

All we are talking about the harsh and the cruel circumstances of the immigrants if we talk about the number of immigrant kids obstructed by the government of the United Nations has risen from three thousand to four thousand this week. Children describe to counselors that are not permitted to take shower and they are also not allowed to see the sky in the day. The conditions are getting worse day by day however the Biden administration said that they are working on it. The Joe Biden administration is also going to introduce its prime migration bill known as the United States citizenship act. However, in the end, I just want to add that this issue must be resolved as soon as possible because this total brutality for the immigrant people who are striving hard in the little camps where they are forced to live, they don’t even have the proper facilities this is totally the violation of the human rights. Little children don’t even allow to take bath they have totally lacked from their proper education system and the important accessories of life this is brutality the United States government must take some necessary and urgent measures to stop this violation.

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