Earthquake of Magnitude 4.0 and 3.3 In Loss Angeles Area

An area of Loss Angeles was hit by an earthquake today in the morning according to reports the magnitude of the earthquake was 4.0 and 3.3. In the morning when everybody was busy with their work then suddenly people feel shocking earthquake near Inglewood, just a few minutes before when an earthquake also came in the same area. According to the United States geological survey, the earthquake was noticed across Southern California and in an area of Loss Angles. The intensity of this earthquake was 3.3 magnitude and was felt at 4.15 am however, an area of Loss Angeles hit by an earthquake today in the morning according to reports the magnitude of the earthquake was 4.0 and 3.3.

Centered Point of Earthquake:

The prime earthquake was engrossed and centered near the convergence of Century boulevards and Prairie It took place less than a square from Lennox, less than a square from Hawthorne, and one square from Los Angeles, and afterward these areas also faced many of the smaller earthquakes and aftershocks.

Earthquake Expert Lucy Jones Statement on Today Earthquake:

After the earthquake in areas of Loss Angeles the earthquake expert Lucy Jones tweet a statement, she said that the earthquake was of 4.0 magnitude which was very strong enough to be felt. The earthquake was felt by many people as it was very deep just 12 miles down in depth. She further added that it was probably not on any plotted faults. Jones also said that the aftershocks coming after the earthquake was also of the same depth.

KBCB’S TV News Broadcast at the Time of Earthquake:

We have seen that many reporters and journalists are always doing a live stream on their shows and programs we have seen a lot of videos and clips like that in which anchors are busy in their coverage and suddenly when the earthquake came and felt that during their work. Similarly, today the same thing happened with the news reporters of KBCB’S TV when the anchors were covering the news and they felt the earthquake that was of 4.0 magnitude, and the anchors properly felt that. Demarco Morgan said that she was covering news when an earthquake came, she said that it was an earthquake there she said after the light shaking. According to the news, the earthquake doesn’t cause any damage or destruction to affected areas.

Total Number of Earthquakes in Loss Angeles From the Last Ten Days:

Inhabitants on social media described power interruptions in the section around the shakes. A spokesperson for Southern California Edison was not capable of promptly be reached for a statement. There have been three earthquakes in different areas of Los Angeles of magnitude 3.0 to 3.4 many of the reports have been reported about the earthquake in the last ten days aftershocks were also felt after the earthquakes.

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