Myanmar Crackdown 82 People Are Killed Only in A Single Day

Myanmar that is also known by its name Burma is a country in Asia and the people of Burma are known as the Southeast nation. Myanmar is a nation that is divided into almost 100 ethnic categories. Burma shares its borders with Bangladesh, Laos, India, China, and Thailand. However, unfortunately, the country is facing serious challenges for a long time ago people here are killing every day due to the unfair and cruel system of ruling. 

Everybody is familiar with the circumstances of Burma that what is going on in the country and what has been done with people and especially with the Muslims in this country however, still there is a crackdown in Myanmar for a long time and a lot of people are killed after the emergence of the military system in the country.

Myanmar Crackdown After the Emergence of Military Commander:

So many of the protests and strikes are going by the people after the emergence and charge of the Military commander in chief named Min Aung Hlaing. The military system has taken the power and authority of the country after the rule of Ms. Suu Kyi. This is not the first time that the country is charged with the military system if we take a look at the history then for the first time in 1989 the military system altered the country’s name from Burma to Myanmar. However, in 2016 the foreign minister Suu Kyi w, said that it doesn’t matter which name is used to call the country moreover, at the time the term Myanmar was very common. 

What is Happening in the Country Now?

The armed system is now in authority and has proclaimed a year prolonged state of crisis. It grasped power on the 1st of February when Ms. Suu Kyi’s party won. The armed forces then took over control by blaming that it was a total fraud, on the other hand, Ms. Suu Kyi has been located in an unknown site since the victory of the military system she is also facing different charges, including offending country’s official and important secrets, owning illegal unlawful walkie-talkies and printing the information that was a cause of fear and agitation. 

Death of the People:

According to the reports 82 people are killed in a single day during the crackdown by different security forces on pro-democracy opponents. Before this 100 people were killed in Yangon that is the capital city of Myanmar this today 82 people are killed. The death charge of 82 was an introductory one assembled by the cooperative association for legislative inmates which points daily incorporates of fatalities and arrests from the suppression in the consequences of the February victory that expel the elective government of Ms. Suu Kyi.

Protests from the People:

After the army takes over many of the protests are going on from the people and a lot of people are milled by the security forces. Security forces also used many of the heavy weapons for attacks that include rocket incited projectile and mortals, along such assertions could not be separately committed by the associated press. Many of the protests are going in cities and towns by those people who called themselves a part of a civil rebellious movement.

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