The Largest Museum of the United States

The name of the largest museum in the United States is the Metropolitan museum which is the museum of arts. This museum is composed of seventeen curatorial sections with its everlasting collection of about two million works. This museum is composed of the most enduring artwork that involves the imagination and creativity of the people in different fields. The main purpose of the collection of such magnificent artwork is to connect people with their culture, creativity, and art. The art presented in this museum includes multiple ideas and knowledge of people. A lot of people visit this museum every year to see the different masterpieces of people.

The Purpose of this Museum:

This museum as we know is the largest and the most beautiful museum in the United States has some specific purpose this museum is such a masterpiece as it includes extraordinary work and a collection of people in different fields. However, what is the main mission or the purpose of this museum? The main mission of this museum is to collect, safe, preserve, create, study, exhibit, and excite recognition for and approach knowledge of works of creativity and art that collectively highlights the comprehensive spectrum of human procurement at the highest extent of quality. This museum reflects the diversity and beauty in each and every aspect.

151 Years of This Metropolitan Museum:

This metropolitan museum has completed its 151 years and the doodle of google also highlights the 151 years celebrations of this museum. This museum is so old and also highlights the different cultures of ancient times as well. You all find a lot of creativity and the great work of people in this museum. The google logo highlights an isomeric figure of this metropolitan museum of art in which doodle highlighted the six frames all these frames are colored and we also noticed that some of the works from the art also make a letter google that alters into a different item after every second. This museum represents a lot of work of art roundabout five thousand work from arts worldwide so that everyone can experience it and can enjoy. So, it is not wrong to say that this museum is one of the major wonders in the United States people must visit here whenever they go to the United States. This museum was founded in 1870 and still, it is a masterpiece. 

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